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We are the Russian LGBT Network. We believe that all people, regardless of their sexual orientation and gender identity, are equal. In 2010 we created The HotLine, a free service allowing us to offer assistance to those in a difficult situation. We want to continue working with the Hot Line and we need your help.

The Russian LGBT Network’s HotLine
is a community
Over the last 7 years, our consultants help those, who faced bullying and violence because of their sexual and/or gender identity, those, who suffer from ridicule and threats. Starting from 2015 in addition to the phone helpline we also launched a chatroom. Everyday 72 volunteers respond to assistance requests online and 9 volunteers work on the helpline.

Currently, we’re lacking funds to proceed with this project, and we need your help!
A Brief History of the HotLine
HotLine achievements over the last 7 years
Supporting the HotLine you help many people to feel more secure with their lives

online chatroom functions
24 hours a day

request we’ve received through online chat room since it’s launch
19 350

calls we received
through the HelpLine
555−73−74 (800) 8

people received
help in 2016

Some people call for help, others offer assistance
«Once I found myself in a difficult psychological state. I turned to the hotline and it was a very important conversation we had, it made me feel better then and many issues became clear at that point. I realized that I need to live and fight for my existence».
«Many people call the Hotline when they have already exhausted their other resources when there is nowhere else to go when it seems like there is nothing to live for. And when people at the end of our conversation tell me, that they now have a sense that they have something to live for I feel like I fulfilled my duties».
Zoya Matisova
HotLine Psychologist
«Sometimes you feel like a liability, especially when you are an LGBT person living with a disability. We need support and a sense of security. The Hotline is one of the ways to feel that way».
LGBT person living with a disability
«There are not too many places, where you can be absolutely sure that you won't be medicalized and/or pathologized. So the safety of calling on the phone and in the Hot Line chat is its coolest feature! It's like a «shelter» in a sense».
Hotline Psychologist
«I highly value acceptance and professionalism of the HotLine Psychologists. Every person — regardless of their sexuality/sex/gender — can be sure that everything they say will remain between them and the psychologist on the other side of the phone. That they won't be harassed. They will be offered support, whichever problem they are facing».
«The Russian LGBT Network's Hotline is extremely important. I myself am a member of the LGBT community. When I was growing up, there was no one by my side to help me figure out what was going on. And while I was able to handle everything myself I nevertheless understand that such help is crucial».
Maria Zalesskaya
Hotline Psychologist
The HotLine through the expert gaze
The Village found out, who calls the Russian LGBT Network’s HelpLine, what is the nightmare of a "small homophobic town", and how parents change their attitude towards LGBT children.


The Russian LGBT Network’s HotLine is a project that allows LGBTQA youth to find an understanding adult in the face of a professional psychologist. Kids should not be left alone with their problems. The main goal is to help them.

Maria Naimushina
gestalt therapist
They are the ones who are at risk of committing suicide. They are the ones who are at risk of having a severe confrontation with family members. And they are the ones who don’t usually have the means of asking for help.

Dmitrii Isaev

No one left indifferent
Every day we receive supportive comments on social media, phone calls, messages in our chatroom. By now we have 256 unique entries.
Good luck with your important work! Be happy!
We love you. Everything is changing for the better!
You never know what will happen after you come out. You can’t make sure your friends will support you, especially is you live in a small town. It is important to have access to such help, ever though it is a remote access.
I once found myself in a situation, when no one was there to help me. I don’t want anyone to be in such a situation. LGBT people are the least protected social groups. They need help and assistance.
We want to continue
taking care of people
We ask you to help the LGBT community. The HotLine is a project that helps people when they feel alone and it feels like no one is there for them.
We are the ones to be there.
1 month of HotLine
360 $

tomorrow about 6000 people
will get help
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tomorrow 16-20 people
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1 month of HotLine
360 $

tomorrow about 6000 people
will get help
1 day of HotLine
12 $

tomorrow 16-20 people
will get help
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Russian LGBT Network's HotLine
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To be a volunteer
It’s not only money that helps. You can also volunteer to work on a HotLine. The work we are doing would be impossible without the help of our volunteers.

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